Our Story

Sud Scrub Founders

When we launched Sud Scrub, our mission was simple: create a body scrubber that was incredibly durable, better for the environment, and had antimicrobial properties to keep itself clean.

Our journey started in 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we discovered just how much bacteria and germs our plastic loofahs hold onto. Not only did we not feel comfortable using them anymore, but we also realized how bad for the environment they actually are. They contribute to plastic waste, shed micro-plastics in the shower, and need to be constantly replaced.

Unable to find good alternatives, we set out to create our own. Since then, Sud Scrub has helped hundreds of thousands of people get a better clean while taking the first step towards reducing plastic consumption in their personal hygiene routine.

While we initially launched Sud Scrub because we thought there was a need, this is only the beginning of a larger mission. We want to help improve the well-being of everyone and our planet by reducing the use of toxic petrochemicals in personal hygiene products.

To us, it’s not about selling more scrubbers or products, its about making change - and we are committed to enacting positive change with you for the environment. We’re building a community of like-minded individuals and invite you to come along with us on our collective journey towards a better and healthier life for all.

Ray & Steven